Your Wedding Day

 I am always thrilled to be immersed with you into an atmosphere of the celebration. I like to float along, but constantly moving around, perceiving and documenting everything that happens during the day. All those touching moments, tears of happiness, excitement, laughter, all that is important and unique. Capturing all the beauty, the light, the details…

If I were to describe my style of wedding photography, I would call it, Creative Reportage

Of course, based on the wishes of my clients, and can implement any photography style. Most of all I like the natural moments, natural emotions, natural light. I am not into excessive staging, but I always gently and discreetly direct and prompt my clients.

I like it when people are relaxed and just enjoy their holiday; and I just let them be themselves. When I am planning a portrait session for my couple at their wedding, I always make sure there is good light in the moment and, of course, a beautiful scenery. I just invite my couple to walk around and keep taking pictures the whole time, so it’s fun and unobtrusive.