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My name is Lana and I am a wedding and family photographer in Orlando and Central Florida. My love for photography started back in high school, at that time when there were only film cameras.

I remember that magical process, developing a photo from the negative, it was like magic! But my career as a photographer began much later when I opened my studio Svetune in 2006, (by the way, it became my brand name)). That’s when I fell in love with digital photography, and began to learn Photoshop. I wanted to learn how to turn photos into work or art.  At that time there were almost no stock photos, so I started to take pictures of everything around me to get my creative juices flowing. Then, quite unexpectedly, my photos were published in glossy magazines.

About me. Experienced destination photographer in  Central Florida & Beyond


Photography is my greatest passion

Coincidently, at that time I realized that my greatest passion is taking pictures of people, and preserving their unique stories through photography. Many years have passed, but I still get a kick out of the whole process. I still get excited about a little mystery of the unknown: the anticipation of coming to a new place, meeting strangers, perceiving distinctive details, and capturing authentic moments. This thrill inspires me to create unique visual stories through beautiful photography. 

I’m always hunting the in-between moments, the ordinary interactions between people, the little things that happen before or after the obvious. When I say that I want to photograph someone, I mean that I want to express the beauty and radiance of everything that person contains. Through my photographs and paintings, I strive to convey the aesthetics and natural beauty of everything I see. and it never ceases to inspire me. And now, with great joy and excitement, I invite you to create wonderful moments together!  

About me. Experienced destination photographer in  Central Florida & Beyond
About me. Experienced destination photographer in  Central Florida & Beyond
About me. Experienced destination photographer in  Central Florida & Beyond

The  goal of my work is to capture and reveal the spark of life in every person and in every image

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About art and photography

Photography & Painting is my passion. I also like to combine these two kinds of art. In painting, I am fascinated by the process of creating a picture, I never know the final result) In my painting I use a lot of techniques and materials, I like eclectic. My favorite kind of painting is spontaneous realism and intuitive painting. My world is bright and contrasting. All this I try to express in my paintings — light, joy, love, color. Often in my painting I use only my fingers and hands, so I’m more sensitive, I adore this magical process) In my paintings I strive to reflect the breathtaking beauty, contrast and diversity of our world. 

I love colors as I believe that they reflect and impact our mood. As such, it is my passion to mix them together with brush or by hand to accomplish extraordinary effect. Through my perception of colors I hope to share with you peace, joy, tenderness, excitement, passion, love and happiness. The main idea is to harmonize the space of your home and to bring you positive emotions. I am hoping that in one of my paintings you may find the special one that will resonate with you and will fit with your house decor.


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I’m located in Orlando Fl.

But I photograph and travel all over Florida and beyond. And 70 mileage trip around Orlando is free. Longer trips and distances will charge travel costs, depending on mileage and time.